Save the Bengal Tiger!

Watch to see the ways to the Bengal Tiger


A white Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tigers, or more formally known as Panthera Tigris Tigris, are intelligent, fierce, and  beautiful animals that have walked our planet for a long time. They play vital roles in ecosystems and many animals rely on them for survival. This is why awareness needs to be raised about the threats of their extinction. These creatures were placed on the endangered species list in 2008 when the amount of them dropped drastically. Now there are only few left to re-populate their community. There were eight main subspecies of tigers, including the Bengal Tiger, however three of them have become extinct in the 20th century. Currently, due to de-forestation, habitat loss, and hunting, the amount of  Bengal Tigers has dropped to fewer than 2,500 worldwide. These animals are typically killed for their soft, striped fur, big bones, lean meat, and even their eyes and whiskers. Bengal Tigers are harmless and are very caring animals. They even stay and nurture their young until they are two years old to teach them how to hunt and support themselves. There are many protection agencies and other tiger protection groups that are fighting for the Bengal Tiger’s survival but they are out numbered and stand no chance against global companies that neglect these animals. Bengal Tigers have this persona of being a man-eating beast when in reality, if they are left alone by humans, they are just gentle giants. If you support the idea of these ancient animals continuing to live on our planet then read this blog to learn even more.


A Bengal Tiger in the common orange color


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