Evolutionary History


An evolutionary tree that shows how closely related the Bengal Tiger and the now extinct Chinese Zdanskyi Tiger were.

Due to fossils that have been discovered, Bengal Tigers have been dated back millions of  years ago in China. They are believed to be related to the Saber Tooth Tiger from the prehistoric age. Bengal Tigers are also believed to have moved to India about 12 million years ago. This sparks the idea that something wild was happening to the earth’s surface during this time period. The Chinese Bengal Tiger is believed to have been a member of the subspecies many years ago. DNA testing and genetic tests having been run to try and trace back to obtain more artifacts. Learning more about this animals past will help scientist better understand its present.

An artist depiction of a Saber Tooth Tiger

An artist depiction of a Saber Tooth Tiger

Tigers were forced to move to different locations in order to survive which explains why subspecies were spilt up many years ago. It is believed that even more subspecies of tigers used to roam the earth but later went extinct thousands of years ago. Since these animals are so ancient and are a direct link to the past, more efforts should be put into trying to save them and prevent their extinction.


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