A Bengal Tiger facing the cold weather

The Bengal Tiger lives in areas around the world including India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Bhutan. However, about 1,706-1,909 Bengal Tigers are mostly found in India. These kind of tigers tend to stay in tropical, moist forests or mangrove swamps. There are five main biomes in the world including tundra, desert, aquatic, grasslands, and forests. Although the Bengal Tiger is only found in the forest biome because that is where they thrive best. This biome is full of large trees, unique moses, and tall grasses. Forests temperatures range from 68°-77° fahrenheit with about 77 inches of rain per year. This biome is home to a variety of plant life including maple, oak, and hickory trees surrounded by smaller, leafy plants.

Across the globe, there are TCU’s (Tiger Conservation Units) that provide the proper environment for these endangered creatures after they are run out of their homes. With these huge conservation units, Tigers are able to survive and live in the environment that is similar to what they would see if they were in the wild. Some of the most successful TCU’s include Hazaribagh National Park, Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Orissa dry forests, and Indravati Tiger Reserve. Each reserve is different depending on the ecosystem that benefits the tiger most. Each Bengal Tiger plays an important role in an ecosystem.

A beautiful forest where Bengal Tigers live in India

A beautiful forest where Bengal Tigers live in India


A map of where Bengal Tigers typically live

A short video on Bengal Tigers and their habitat


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