Why Endangered?

Over the course of many years the Bengal Tiger has become more threatened due to human actions such as deforestation, wildlife trade, and hunting of both the tiger and their prey. These tigers used to roam all over India claiming their land away from humans. But recently humans have over stepped their boundaries and selfishly cut down the their homes, forcing the tigers to move in smaller lands. Trees and other habitat components are all destroyed and used to produce human necessities. Although the main reason for destroying their environment is to create roads that expand the cities. Also, humans engage in illegal wildlife trade, which ships animals like these around the world to create a rug in someones house or the leather on someones new purse.

England, United Kingdom

A Bengal Tiger rug

Humans are also poaching not only Bengal Tigers, but their prey which makes hunting very difficult for the animals. Prey such as deer and antelope are hunted for meat and pelt trade when they should really be killed the natural way by tigers. Poaching is a large issue that large animals including Bengal Tigers face everyday. For years, tiger bones have been active in Chinese medicine, while other body parts are shipping into the wildlife trade. Farmers will blame tigers for killing their cattle and shoot them. Also, angry villagers kill tigers and blame them for any killings of their livestock.


Bengal Tiger pelts

In 2006 , India’s Sariska Tiger Reserve lost 26 tigers to poaching and in 2007 the police bombarded a meeting of suspected poachers and traders. One trader was arrested and was one of the largest buyers in India. The Bengal Tiger was declared endangered in 1969 and since then few people have stood up to help protect them. Luckily in 1994 the US Congress passed the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act which allowed more protection for larger animals. Bengal Tigers have to not only compete with humans who are taking their prey, but they face a daily struggle of escaping poachers.


A tiger being tortured by poachers

A time lapse video of how deforestation is affecting our world


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